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The biggest events and shows on the calendar.


"The best intro on this world tour"

Taylor Swift


Football stadium safety voiceovers, world stage boxing events and the 2012 and 2024 Olympics. 


Announcements at Heathrow airport, football stadiums and in theatres across the country. 


The voice often heard at immersive experiences. Super brands such as EE, Premier Inn and Asda are among the highlights. 


New Years Eve London & Sydney, Tomorrowlands and V Festival are all among the credits. 


50 Wembley Stadium, arena shows and festivals, every big star, household name DJ or band probably knows the voice. 


Award show voiceover and large scale company meetings host both pre recorded and live. 

Event enquiries

22-24 James Street

Covent Garden, WC2 8NS

+44 7831 205562


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